July 25th – Starting Off Strong!

B’ruchim Haba’im! Welcome! Yesterday we welcomed our second session campers to camp. As I stood in the Welcome Center greeting each car, and each bus, I felt a newness to camp, regardless of the fact that I have been here myself for five weeks. I saw the wonder and curiosity in the eyes of new campers, and the comfort of returning in the eyes of those back again. Our staff who have also been here for weeks showed up differently today. They brought the excitement as if it were their first day of camp as well!

Cheers of reuniting with old friends and new were heard all through camp as we entered the dining hall as one community for our first meal of the session…classic pizza bagels! Hearing a full camp chant of Hamotzi and Birkat Hamazon, the prayers before and after the meal, was music to our ears. 

As campers settled into cabins, tents, yurts, and rooms, and got to know their counselors and villages, we are filled with overwhelming joy and hope for the next three weeks. We know our long-time campers wait all year to get back here and new campers eagerly anticipate experiencing the magic of camp for the very first time. We promise it is worth the wait!

Melissa Grossman

Assistant Camp Director