Leadership Programs

Rising high school 11th and 12th graders have the opportunity to apply to participate in our select leadership programs.

The Leaders-In-Training (LIT) program for rising 11th graders provides opportunities for LITs to learn valuable leadership skills, understand the behind-the-scenes of Capital Camps, and more. LITs also have the opportunity to travel to Israel as a Capital Camps cohort. LITs can choose to participate in the Israel trip during first session, the program at camp during second session, or both!

The Counselors-In-Training (CIT) program for rising 12th graders prepares participants with skills that will serve them both as staff members at Capital Camps in future summers and throughout all aspects of their lives. The CIT program is a full summer (seven-week) experience.

Participation in our select LIT and CIT programs are highly marketable on college applications! You’ll grow skills in program facilitation, community building, critical thinking, professionalism, and so, so much more. Participants often write about experiences in the LIT and/or CIT programs on their college essays. Upon completion of the programs, participants have a network of countless peers, staff, and Capital Camps alumni who can serve as resources and mentors in the college and professional spheres. Click here for the list of where 2021 and 2022 CITs were accepted to college.

Our rising 11th graders have the opportunity to apply to participate in our Leaders In Training (LIT) program. We offer a first session LIT experience in Israel and a second session LIT experience at camp. Teens can also apply to spend their entire summer at Capital Camps and participate in both programs!

Teens must apply and be accepted into the LIT program. The application process includes essays and new to Capital Camps applicants also interview with a member of the Year Round team. 

“I believe that going to Israel strengthened everything I stand for concerning my Jewish identity. I was able to make so many memories with old friends, new friends, camp friends, and Israeli friends. It was amazing to see the county in all of its beauty and learn so much of its rich history. It is my hope and dream that I will be able to return to the Holy Land once again.” – Evan R, 2023 LIT

1st Session (Israel Trip)

Israel: Sunday, June 23 – Sunday, July 14

Camp: Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 19

2nd Session

Monday, July 23 – Sunday, August 11

Full Summer (including Israel trip)

Israel: Sunday, June 23 – Sunday, July 14

Camp: Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 19

Intersession: Friday, July 19 – Monday, July 22

Camp: Monday, July 22 – Sunday, August 11

To make our Israel program possible, we have two important partners. BBYO will once again serve as our trip provider, handling the majority of the logistics and operations so our team can care for your campers. RootOne provides key travel vouchers which substantially discount the cost of the trip for all of our teen campers. Each camper is eligible to apply for a $3,000 RootOne Travel voucher, which reduces the price of the trip. RootOne is seeded through the generosity of the Marcus Foundation and is powered by the Jewish Education Project.

Click Here to view our 2023 LIT-Israel trip itinerary! The 2024 program may vary. A confirmed itinerary will be distributed no later than two weeks prior to the start of the trip.

What’s Included in the 1st Session LIT-Israel trip

• Round trip flights to and from Tel Aviv
• Transportation to and from the US departure airport
• All experiences, meals, travel, and accommodations in Israel
• Laundry services twice while in Israel
• Basic Israeli medical insurance
• Five full days at camp

2023 LIT-Israel Program Highlights

• Archeological Dig
• The Dead Sea
• Snorkeling in Eilat
• Exploring the Old City of Jerusalem
• Shabbat at the Kotel
• Water Hikes
• Climbing Masada at sunrise
• Shopping at the Shuk
• Pizur (free time)
• Celebrating Shabbat in Israel with your best friends
• Meeting teens from Ashkelon, Baltimore’s sister city

2nd Session LIT Program at Capital Camps

The three week LIT program at camp consists of three main components:

  1. Interactive Leadership Blocks designed to teach important skills and gain new knowledge. Examples include Communication, Program Design, Jewish Identity, Criticial Thinking, the behind-the-scenes of camp, and much more!
  2. Opportunities to make an impact around camp. LITs plan and facilitate Evening Programs for Benjamin and Reich villages and help lead all camp chuggim (electives)!
  3. Lots of fun and bonding within the LIT community! Highlights include living in the yurts down by our farm, aquatics, arts, sports, memorable evening programs, and special LIT/CIT only programming.

The CIT summer is a full summer intentional, programmatic experience for our rising seniors to learn about program design and implementation, project management, child development, organizational operations, and communication skills through training, immersion, and reflection. Participation in the CIT program allows teens to gain skills that will serve them as staff members at Capital Camps and in all aspects of their lives, and while giving back to the place they love! 

Teens must apply and be accepted into the CIT program. The application process includes essays and an interview with a member of the Capital Camps Year Round team. 

“CIT summer was so incredibly special because you experienced the best of both worlds. You have the most rewarding experiences with your cabins while having the best summer with a close knit group of CITs that become your family.” – Braden S, 2022 CIT

“CIT was such an an amazing summer because it gave me the opportunity to live out my last summer with my best friends while also gaining insight to the responsibility of being a counselor. I made more memories than I can count my CIT summer and gained so many skills that are going to help me for the rest of my life.” – Jess W, 2022 CIT

The CIT experience is built off the following core components:

  1. Training
    • CITs participate in interactive training experiences designed to provide skill building opportunities.
    • Training topics include: Ages & Stages, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, MESSH (mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health), Inclusion, and more!
  2. Service
    • Community service is a key component of the CIT experience. CITs participate in multiple values-based service learning opportunities and make an impact on both the Capital Camps community and outside communities.
  3. Experience with cabins and specialty areas
    • All CITs will get to spend time and build skills in a cabin and specialty area around camp. They learn from staff members who serve as mentors, and create community for campers while building relevant professional skills.
    • Specialty areas and cabin placements allow CITs to explore personal and professional interests and make an impact around camp.
  4. Daily Reflection
    • Each day, CITs have an opportunity to reflect on the experiences they are having and synthesize how the skills they are building will help them in and out of camp. 
  5. The CIT Community
    • There is nothing quite like spending seven weeks as a CIT at Capital Camps. In addition to making a tremendous impact around camp, CITs get to be part of a unique and special community and have a ton of fun!