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Our Summer Staff

Camp is brought to life by a summer staff team of approximately 175 individuals with incredibly diverse backgrounds. As a staff member at Capital Camps, you’ll receive intentional training and opportunities to grow and develop in a wide variety of skills and settings, all while having a ton of fun!

Some of our bunk-based staff are former campers or returning counselors while others are looking for a new experience as a camp counselor. Staff members hail from the United States, Israel, Great Britain, and many other countries. Our sports specialists are trained coaches, our lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross, and our art specialists have experience in the arts. Our Leadership Team members have a wealth of experience as teachers, social workers, childcare professionals, and managers. The diversity of experiences on our staff provide us a beautiful blend of individuals who help us preserve our past, while enriching our future. 

Capital Camps is an accredited member of e21, an organization developed by camp people, for camp people. e21 integrates with our camp’s values, priorities and structure, and provides tools that elevate performance, offer opportunities for growth, and enhance employee engagement.

“Camp provided me a chance to step beyond my comfort zone, connecting me with new people and deepening my understanding of Judaism. The shared experiences, opportunities, and cultural interactions is something I will always appreciate.” – Faith T. | 2023 Staff Member | London, United Kingdom

“Working at Capital Camps for the past two summers has allowed me to aid Jewish kids in their own personal growth while consequently pushing myself to grow as a result. Only at camp will you laugh longer than you ever have, sing louder that you ever have, cry harder than you every have, and become stronger than you ever have before; which is exactly why camp is so amazing, not only for myself, but for those who came before me and those whose camp experience is yet to begin.” – Ben W. | 2022 & 2023 Staff Member | Montgomery County, Maryland, United States