July 21st – Shabbat Shalom Session 2!

The song for summer 2023 is called “This is Where the Adventure Begins” and we can’t wait for our Session 2 campers to arrive and start on an amazing camp adventure. Summer 2023 will include a combination of new adventures, camp-wide hallmark programs and the return of some old camp traditions.

As we celebrate 36 summers at camp, we will be bringing back some former camp songs and traditions. Our CITs have created a Seudah shlishit program based on an “old camp” tradition. On Shabbat, after our Shabboptions (a chance for everyone to pick among several creative Shabbat electives) and a music-filled T’fila (services), we have an afternoon of free time, swimming, playing sports or exploring elements at the ropes course. At the end of the Chofesh (free time) block, we gather for a special Shabbat treat. We learned from talking to former Capital Camp leaders that there used to be creative programming to accompany this special afternoon snack. We have named the new version of this program Seudah shlishit since it comes at the time of day when traditionally families gather for a third meal. Our CITs now do a short creative presentation of the week’s Parsha followed by some intriguing questions and yummy cupcakes.  

We added some new adventures and brought back some fan favorites. We have two new lake toys for campers to explore and we have added pickleball to our sports program. Our Kaufmann campers will once again have the opportunity to go on an out-of-camp adventure which will include white water rafting. Our Macks campers will be traveling to ACE and our Benjamin and Reich campers are planning on having a campout at the lake. Our Benjamin campers will once again have the chance to make challah for Shabbat dinner and Benjamin, Reich, and Kaufmann Village will each have an opportunity to contribute to Shabbat services. 

Of course, we have all our camp-wide hallmark programs planned such as SING, carnival, and Maccabiah. We have a great staff who are looking forward to welcoming all our Second Session campers. Our sports, arts, aquatic, and outdoor adventure team have fun daily activities planned. Our cabin counselors have created both silly and meaningful village and evening programs. We are ready for a session full of fun and friendship. Let the adventure begin!

Shabbat Shalom,

Lisa Handelman

Camp Director