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About Us

Capital Camps is all about providing children a fun, safe experience.  We utilize the best practices of informal Jewish education to strengthen identity, instill values and build community.  Every summer, children and staff create a community that touches the hearts, souls and minds of its residents. How is it possible for a program to so profoundly affect the psyche of an individual?  The answer can be found in the magic of a summer at Capital Camps.

We provide food, shelter, structure and other parental services, but we are not parents!  As a result, campers enjoy the freedom to challenge, experiment and learn about themselves in a different way than at home or school.  This 24/7 immersion experience is immensely powerful.

With the guidance of senior staff, our amazing summer counselors, and the lessons learned from three decades of Capital Camps history, communal norms are established each summer.  Our campers help shape the community and at the same time absorb its dynamic, supportive, inclusive culture.

The research is indisputable in attributing a positive Jewish identity to a quality Jewish residential camp.  The long-term payback of a Jewish overnight camp is social, educational, and spiritual maturation.  This can only happen when they are embraced in a warm, loving, first-class program, surrounded by people who are committed to their success in a responsible manner.

Ideally, the immersion process takes place over multiple years. With this in mind, we have designed our program so that each year brings new challenges based on the developmental stages. As our campers move from one village to another – from Benjamin to Reich to Kaufmann to Macks and onto our LIT (Leaders-In-Training) and CIT (Counselors-In-Training) programs – they have more choices and are excited by new challenges.

  • Safety: you trust us to care for your child and we place this trust above all else.
  • Role Models: our staff must be exemplary role models at all times by caring and nurturing your child.
  • Fun: camp is about having fun. If it is not present, non of the serious identity-building activities can take place.

Core Values

Community – Kehillah
At Capital Camps, we inspire our campers and staff to build Jewish community through meaningful challenges and shared experiences. We guide children through the highs and occasional lows associated with communal living. We provide opportunities to be part of a collaborative team, to understand responsibilities for others and to appreciate how individual actions impact the larger community.

Challenge and Risk – Etgar v’Hishtadlut
Growth occurs when campers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. Being away from home requires children to think independently and make decisions in a safe environment. Taking risks in a supportive environment is critical to positive developmental growth.

Empowerment – Hasmacha
At  Capital Camps, we inspire our campers and staff to grow as individuals. WE encourage curiosity and respectful inquiry, while challenging our campers to think critically and learn leadership skills. Choice and a growing sense of ownership empowers participants in age-appropriate ways to achieve a more complex sense of self and greater self-confidence.

Jewish Education – Chinuch
Judaism at camp is fun, vibrant and an everyday part of camp life; essential for  Jewish engagement. A love of Judaism and Jewish life is woven seamlessly throughout camp and allows campers to take ownership of their spiritual journey. Jewish education takes many forms at camp and our pluralistic approach ensures everyone’s comfort level is respected. More details about Jewish Life at camp.