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There is no experience quite like working at Capital Camps. Each staff member joins an impressive cadre of over 175 individuals from around the world to design innovative programming, facilitate meaningful experiences, and most importantly, care for each member of the Capital Camps family. While at camp, staff members will communicate effectively with others, collaborate as part of a team, and adapt to complex, challenging situations. Each experience serves to advance a staff member’s own skills such that the staff member is better prepared for future work and life experiences.

Our Staff Members Are: Caring, Reflective, Confident, Honest, Creative, Passionate, Enthusiastic.

All staff members at Capital Camps must:

  • Serve as a positive role model for campers of all ages
  • Develop positive relationships with individual campers and staff
  • Adapt well to feedback & criticism, always committed to learning and growing
  • React to complex situations in a mature manner, make quick decisions and solve problems, always protecting the interests of the campers and camp
  • Collaborate with staff members and supervisors, seeking assistance when needed
  • Pay attention to detail 

Bunk-Based Staff Members:
Cabin Counselors accompany their campers to each of the daily activities. Cabin counselors are often asked to assist in planning evening programs and other special events.

Specialists facilitate one of the many engaging activities in which campers participate each day. Activities include sports, aquatics, ropes/challenge course, and visual/performing arts. Specialists meet back with the campers from their cabin at various points throughout the day, including meals, rest hour, and bedtime. Specialists must have prior experience and training in their specialty area. 

Senior Staff:
Leadership Team
members supervise villages or activity areas throughout camp. If a Leadership Team member is leading an activity area, they must have past experience leading, teaching, or coaching that activity. Leadership Team members generally have past experience in supervision.

Mental and Physical Health Professionals are responsible for the health and well-being of all campers and staff at camp. These individuals are typically certified nurses, doctors, and social workers.