July 27th – The Excitement of New Experiences

Something unique about going to sleepaway camp is that you have no choice but to jump in with full force, and there are a lot of feelings that come along with this transition… Excitement to be more independent, and nerves about being away from home. Pride in trying something new, and fear that it may not go how you’d like. Happiness in building a new community and memories, and sadness that your loved ones aren’t there to experience it with you.

A lot of these emotions are like double-edged swords, but we can’t have growth and wins without challenges and getting out of our comfort zone.

Camp can be hard, whether you’ve been here for one year or ten, but the skills we leave with go way beyond the walls of our Waynesboro summer home. Returning back to CCRC for the first time in 10 years to be the camp’s first Behavior Specialist exemplifies what this place means to me; I’m so happy to be stepping out of my usual routine and facing new challenges head-on alongside your kids this summer!

Hillary Lacks

Behavior Specialist