August 1st – Art is Everywhere!

Art comes in many forms here at Capital Camps: it could be through the literal making of art in Omanut (our art room), dancing during Shabbat, acting in our annual camp show, creating music during shira, and even cooking a meal down at the farm. Whatever it may be, all these things make a lasting impact on the staff and campers here from generation to generation. 

I find it so special walking around camp and everywhere you look there is something that has been left behind by people from years gone by. If you peer into Habima (our theatre space) you will see decorated wooden plaques from Maccabiah (our color war) dating all the way back to 2003. Wandering around to our amphitheater the walls of the stage are adorned with brightly colored paintings depicting our community coming together at Shabbat. If you take a short walk down to Omanut, you will see artwork on the walls from 15 years ago and messages and names written on the benches by campers and staff from years gone by. 

As well as artwork, the arts are engrained in many other experiences throughout our community. As the whole of camp congregates before each meal on the plaza for byachad you may see the dance and Rikkud specialists lead this year’s or even 2016’s camp dance that is forever in campers’ and staff’s memories. Another whole camp event is when everyone comes together to watch the annual camp show, this year being ‘High School Musical’. As the campers prepare to perform the musical that they’ve been working on so incredibly hard for every day, fellow bunk mates will be chanting “C is for the camp show, A is for the amp show, M is for the mp show, P is for the p show!”, a chant which was started who knows when! This year during our Shabbat services, we have also sung songs new to campers but familiar and known to staff members who may have been here for 18 years or more! 

Whatever it may be, art is an integral part of bringing together our whole community, and each and every camper and staff member have added to the painting which is Capital Camps. In many ways, without the arts Capital Camps would simply be an idea on paper, which in itself was a creative artistic spark 36 years ago that started the camp we have today. A quote that perfectly encapsulates the way I believe art impacts and truly changes everyone who passes through capital camps every year is:

“Art pulls a community together.. Art makes you feel differently. That’s what artists are doing all the time, shifting and changing the way you see life.” ~ Lister Sinclair 

Your Arts Coordinator,

Sophie Irons