Reunion Recap 2019

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! Do you ever arrive home after time away and just pause? That feeling of returning to the familiar, the comfortable, is so special. It was powerful to experience that feeling Saturday night as our campers arrived at camp for our winter reunion. It was as though we had never left – within minutes, campers were chatting with one another, laughing about camp memories, finding their space in the dining hall, and simply enjoying being together.

Our older campers arrived Saturday night for dinner, Havdallah, and S’mores. They were joined Sunday morning by our enthusiastic and energetic younger campers for a day of camp activities – inside and out! We covered some of the camp favorites like the ropes course, Israeli dancing, 9 Square in the Air, Ultimate Gaga, and so much more.
I chatted with the campers briefly about our new theme: Be Limitless, an opportunity for each individual to seek out new paths of limitless adventure, friendships, exploration and fun. I also spoke to them about the importance of this pursuit when we are not at camp. Every group chat, playdate, text message or sleepover is an opportunity to pursue who we are, what we love, and who we want to be with the people that matter to us most. Of course, when we have the chance to do it together at camp – like at the reunion – it’s even better.
Thank you for sharing your children with us – albeit briefly – this weekend. Before you know it, the weather will be warm, the lake will have thawed, and we’ll return to the familiar once more, ready for a summer of limitless fun, friendship, and memories, all at Capital Camps.
You can view all pictures from the weekend here.


Adam Broms
Camp Director