Board of Directors

Fred Heyman – Chair (Baltimore, MD)
Miriam Smolen – 1st Vice Chair (Vienna, VA)
Kevin Fishkind – Vice Chair (Potomac, MD)
Neil Demchick – Treasurer (Owings Mills, MD)
Riva Mirvis – Secretary (Potomac, MD)

Gilly Arie (Potomac, MD)
Sarah Barnett (Yorktown, VA)
Justin Dross (Potomac, MD)
Carly Frank (Baltimore, MD)
Steve Freidkin (Potomac, MD)
Art Greenberg (Potomac, MD)
Marla Gruzin (Rockville, MD)
Jerry Herman (Bethesda, MD)
Benjamin Klinger (Bethesda, MD)
Shelly Kupfer (Chevy Chase, MD)
Simon Nadler (Potomac, MD)
Gary Ratner (McLean, VA)
Buddy Sapolsky (Pikesville, MD)
Alan Schwarszchild (Owings Mills, MD)
Brad Stillman (Potomac, MD)
David Topol (Bethesda, MD)
Danny Weiss (Brookeville, MD)
Steve Wions (Owings Mills, MD)
Robert Wittenstein (Baltimore, MD)

Robert Cohen – Lifetime Member (Potomac, MD)
Keith Solit – Lifetime Member (Potomac, MD)
Joan Winer – Lifetime Member (Bethesda, MD)

Sam Boxerman – Past Chair (Bethesda, MD)
Robert Burman – Past Chair (Potomac, MD)
Josh Fidler – Past Chair (Owings Mills, MD)
Kenneth Goldblatt – Past Chair (Bethesda, MD)
Kay Klass – Past Chair (Bethesda, MD)
Julius Levine – Past Chair (Washington, DC)
David Max – Past Chair (Baltimore, MD)

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A significant amount of volunteer work/discussion occurs within our committees, and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to participate.  To learn more about our agency’s committees and/or to indicate your interest in becoming involved, please click here.