Fundraisers and Mitzvah Projects

Do you have an upcoming Birthday, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or celebration? Consider celebrating with Capital Camps! Check out the different ways that you can support Capital Camps on your special day!

Start a GoFundMe

Set up a page with details about why you love camp and invite friends and family to support Capital Camps.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

On your Facebook “home” page, on the left side navigation bar, look for  “Explore” click “See More” and choose “Fundraisers.” Then click the blue bar to “Raise Money.” Choose to raise money for a “Non-profit” and please choose “Capital Camps.” Then complete the set-up.

As always, the Capital Camps team is available to assist in this endeavor.  Please contact Sam Brown (301-468-1719) with any questions.