Daily Newsletter – Lost and Found

Good morning Friends of Capital Camps,

As the final days of 1st session wind down, we find ourselves dealing with PILES of Lost & Found.  Many physical items we find are labeled, so they’re sent back to camper cabins through our camp mail system.  Those that don’t have a camper’s name will be featured in a Lost & Found Extravaganza later today!  While I’m sure your camper will be thrilled to reunite with his/her lost water bottle, towel, backpack, raincoat, sneaker (the left one…where’s the right one?), etc., what’s more interesting to me is the OTHER type of lost & found that pops up around camp…

  • Overwhelming homesickness…. Gone.  We can’t find it anywhere.  It must be hidden among friendships and fun.
  • Inhibitions… While it may initially seem weird/scary to dress in bizarre costumes and be silly in front of lots of people, it became second nature after participating in an UnTalent Show or some  other crazy program.
  • Boredom… The doldrums of home were swept away in the first couple of days of camp.  There’s no time to be bored at camp – there’s always an activity to participate in or people to talk with.
  • Fear… Ok, there’s probably still some fear out there.  We’re not magicians.  However camp is a place where it safe to challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone – whether it’s the conquering the Dynamic Tower on the Ropes Course or joining the camp show or any fears that accompanied your camper when they arrived.  There’s something incredible about trying something new, something previously scary, and being cheered on by your peers.
  • Family… Yes, I realize that YOU are at home – but your camper’s camp family is alive and well here at Capital Camps.  In addition to the close relationships that form in cabins and villages, we have created intergenerational families to help create bonds across age groups.
  • Self…  Camp is the place where campers can be their best selves – those are the words we hear from our campers, year after year.  His or her BEST SELF.  Sometimes that BEST SELF wears mismatched knee socks and silly t-shirts.  Sometimes that BEST SELF hits the bullseye… or not.  Sometimes the BEST SELF sits quietly to the side and reads, enjoying a little solitude in a place filled with community.  The point is, that BEST SELF allows your camper to make choices that make him or her happy.
  • FUN… Laughter.  Silliness.  Competitiveness.  Whatever ever it means to your camper, it’s here!
  • Confidence… There’s a sense of pride and of confidence that comes from true accomplishments.  For some, that accomplishment is mastering a tennis serve, learning a new dance, or reaching the top of the Iceberg.  For others, it’s making a new friend or even, simply, making it through four weeks away from home – no small task.  When you see your camper get off the bus, they may seem a little taller (they likely are!!) – but it may also be that they’re walking a little taller.
Maybe you’ll even find the matching sneaker…
Laurie Mackey
Program Director