Health and Safety Updates

Safety is our priority. As we prepare for summer 2021 we’ll continue our dialogue about our safety planning. This is a work in progress and will ultimately be based on best practices from the camping and medical community along with implementation of Federal and Pennsylvania regulatory requirements.

January 2021

In November (see below), we shared that we are prepared to implement a three tiered testing process and the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) including: pre-screening, pre-quarantining, daily screening, cohorts, masks/physical distancing/outdoors, handwashing, increased disinfecting/cleaning, increased ventilation and activities by cohorts and in zones.  This month we would like to share some more details about one of these NPIs: pre-sheltering-in-place. 

The idea of collective responsibility is embedded in how we need to prepare for summer 2021.  In order to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 being brought into camp, we will ask all campers and staff to take additional safety measures prior to their arrival.  These additional safety measures may include obtaining a COVID-19 test, reporting the results to camp and quarantining prior to arrival at camp. We will be following CDC, state and local guidelines and the advice of our medical committee.

December 2020

  • Following American Camp Association’s best practice recommendations, we are prepared to create cohorts of the smallest practicable group of campers who live, eat, play and do most group activities together.   
  • Consistent larger gatherings will be created building from bunk to grade/gender, to grade, village and camp.   
  • We will maximize use of our 270 acres campus and the great outdoors. 

November 2020

  • Town Hall Meetings on November 17 & 18
  • We will be implementing the use of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) including:
    • Pre-Screening
    • Pre-arrival quarantine
    • Daily Health Screening
    • Cohorts
    • Masks, Physical Distancing, Outdoors
    • Handwashing
    • Disinfecting & Cleaning
    • Ventilation of indoor spaces
    • Activities by cohorts and in zones
  • If needed we will implement a three tiered testing process; before camp, upon arrival at camp and a certain number of days into camp

October 2020

Opened up registration to new families on October 5; camp team is available for individualized family tours and/or for small group or individualized virtual parlor meetings

Moved Rookie and Mini Camp sessions to the beginning of each session so campers will not enter what may need to be a “closed” camp community for COVID safety

Adding medical and emotional support staff to ensure the safety of our 2021
campers and staff

Designing programs and schedules for small cohorts
Evaluating each village and creating designated additional outdoor spaces to gather, to dine and to play

September 2020

  • Lead by Dr. Brent Berger and Dr. Shira Weiss, our Camp’s medical committee has been expanded and is preparing for a fully engaged 10-month planning period
  • Planning for potential occupancy restrictions imposed as an ongoing safety measure by the State of Pennsylvania, we opened up registration to our current camp families
  • Applying the Cabins@Capital successes, along with lessons from camps nation-wide, Jewish Community Centers, schools and other communal organizations