From The Director’s Desk – December 2017

When you have a dream, do you remember it when you wake up? Are your dreams exciting? Scary? A memory of what was? Or a possibility of what can be? I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately. We are in the midst of several Torah portions where dreams play a central role in plot development. From some of our first encounters with Jacob, to our time in Egypt with Joseph and his dreams, the Torah makes use of dreams to tell interesting stories and to give our characters much to consider.

For me, dreams are a perfect way to reminisce or to get excited. Sometimes, I keep a notepad next to my bed, so that I can quickly write down all of my dream thoughts before they slip away in the early dawn of the morning. Of late, I have dreamt about camp, of our wonderful community, of the incredible successes we have enjoyed together, and of the great potential on the horizon.

Just before Thanksgiving, we accepted nearly 100 aspiring teenagers into our Leaders-in-Training (LIT) and Counselors-in-Training (CIT) programs. These energetic and thoughtful young people are ready for the next steps of their camp journeys, and they are thrilled to think about how they might give back to our community as future staff members.

Then, this week, we experienced our largest #GivingTuesday event in the history of our agency. We raised $59,000 in just 24 hours from 108 donors. Each one of these supportive individuals/families believes in what we are doing and was moved enough to help others experience the gift of camp.

Next week, more than 80 mothers and daughters will travel to camp for a wonderful Shabbat weekend. During our Mother-Daughter Family Camp, participants will explore dreams, particularly where mothers’ and daughters’ dreams intersect and diverge. Then, just a few weeks later, we will welcome another 80 participants to New Year’s Family Camp, where we will ring in the New Year and celebrate together, as we turn the page on our calendars and think about all that 2018 will bring. (There’s still space for NYFC – click here to join us!).

One week later (January 6-7 – see below), we will welcome back campers and staff from summer 2017 to celebrate an incredible summer at camp during our annual winter reunions. While there, we will look ahead to summer 2018. Campers always ask, “What’s new? What’s different?” I look forward to the opportunity to discuss some updates and ideas with them.

And that’s just one month in our camp calendar. Meanwhile, we are already dreaming about summer 2018 in big ways. Stay tuned to our January newsletter for a huge programming announcement that is sure to generate some great buzz with our campers! We’ll also begin to introduce our future Leadership Team members, many of whom have previously held leadership positions at camp.

There is so much to celebrate and so much more to which we can all look forward. I’m already dreaming about children playing around camp, climbing on our ropes course, and singing in our dining hall. What are you dreaming about? As always, I invite you to join me on this journey together. If you have ideas for how we can make camp even better, please feel free to reach out.

Until we connect again, sweet dreams.

Adam Broms

Camp Director