Daily Newsletter – Yotair Day 1

Good morning Friends of Capital Camps,

Today, we begin a journey, a most special endeavor. Today, we begin an opportunity to make new friends, challenge ourselves, and try new experiences. I still remember the first day of my inaugural camp experience 22 years ago. I remember a mixture of excitement and anticipation, in addition to some nervousness. These are the feelings I am sure your campers (and even you) might be experiencing this morning.

One of the great joys of our Yotair (Rookie Camp) program is that all campers are here for the first time. It’s brand new for each camper here. Brand new beginnings, brand new experiences, brand new friends, and brand new memories. Never is that idea more appropriate than for the wonderful children who will board the buses this morning.

There has been a lot of research about the impact Jewish overnight camp can have on a child’s Jewish identity, as well as his/her self-confidence, growth and development, and much more. It is a huge responsibility we carry to care for your children, and we do not take it lightly. We are grateful and honored that you have chosen to give us – the staff of Capital Camps – that responsibility.

And so I thank you for trusting us with your children, for providing them an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience things they never have before. Thank you for giving them something new, a gift that will last long into their futures. Today, we begin our journey together, a brand new journey at Capital Camps.

Adam Broms
Camp Director