Daily Newsletter – Piece of Cake!

Good morning Friends of Capital Camps!

Flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract. Alone, each ingredient is simple, yet ripe with potential. When combined in the right ratios, the most delicious cakes are created. Camp is also comprised of many ingredients. Some ingredients are found at most camps, like campfires with s’mores and free swim. However, some ingredients are unique to Capital Camps, such as Havdal’aqua (our Havdalah ceremony at the pool), or SING! – our village songwriting competition.

Our LITs (Leaders in Training) have been thinking a lot about the ingredients that make up Capital Camps. As they spend two summers transitioning from camper to staff, first as LITs and then CITs (Counselors in Training), they have an opportunity to view camp through a new lens. While baking cakes last week, the LITs had a chance to match each cake ingredient with an attribute of camp. It was easy to think of all the amazing activities that would be considered the “sugar” of camp: Shabbat, friends, pool parties, and music lunch! It was a bit more difficult to think about the “flour” or “baking soda” of camp.

I am always struck by how easily campers and staff can turn “baking soda” into “sugar” at camp. A thunderstorm with cancelled activities turns into the most amazing dance party in the cabin, and a homesick camper is comforted by a game of cards with a cabin mate, while a new life-long friendship is formed.

Leadership is composed of various ingredients as well: teamwork, communication, compromise, empathy, creativity, motivation, and humility. When developed and combined, these skills yield delightful results just like the ingredients in a cake. Each day, the LITs embrace a new skill through their training.

After the cake is baked — leadership skills taught and practiced — it’s time for the finishing touch – the icing. The icing holds the cake together, as the people here make this camp a home. Camp is a place to try new things, take risks, foster independence, and make memories that last a lifetime. None of this would be possible without the campers and staff that create a warm, inclusive, and caring community.

Have a sweet Monday!

Shira Brown

LIT Coordinator