Daily Newsletter – Kol HaKavod!

*Please note: we are still uploading photos from Maccabiah! Please check back throughout the day for more pictures*

Good morning Friends of Capital Camps!

Kol Ha!  Kol Ha!  Kol HaKavod! (Clap! Clap!)

This cheer, heard throughout Maccabiah, our color war, exemplifies the spirit of our community.  Kol HaKavod literally means “all the respect” – the equivalent of “good job” or “well done.”  At each event, when a participant or team does something well, their opponents congratulate them with the “Kol HaKavod” cheer.

Despite the frequency of this catchy cheer, there are always many unsung heroes at camp – campers or staff members who are exceptionally kind and/or who exemplify good sportsmanship who are not typically cheered on.  Each summer, those are the moments that stick out to me…

At our first event of the morning, the Gravitational Pull (known as Tug of War in non Maccabiah settings!), I watched a staff captain from the red team, who cheered his own team on each time they competed, motivating his team to pull harder and harder.  Then, when the gold team went up to compete, he finished drinking from his water bottle, put it down on the ground, and then ran to the rope line for the gold team and cheered them on with as much passion as he did for his own team.

At the Benjamin and Reich theme program, earlier yesterday morning, I overheard a conversation between to Benjamin Village boys, different teams, but apparently the same cabin.  One boy was explaining how to play 18-Square in the Atmosphere (quite similar to 9-Square in the Air, but bigger… and more special!).  The boys’ friendship trumped the competition in which they were engaged.

During the Kaufmann, Macks, LIT, and CIT sports competition in the afternoon, many campers finished their assigned competition early and joined a raucous game of Ultimate Gaga for the balance of the time.  On the walk to Habimah, a group of girls picked up garbage on their way – nobody asked them to.  They simply took the time and effort to show their care for the beautiful space in which we live.

Last night, as our Mac-a-Peel camp-wide relay race wrapped up, the gold team’s fire burned the rope first.  After a few moments of cheering (with the blue, green and red teams chanting Kol HaKavod to gold), the captains and staff who were working the fire jumped into the lake to cool off.  Within the next few minutes, the gold team’s fire crew spread out to help the other teams in their quests for 2nd (red) 3rd (blue) and 4th (green) place.

So to you – parents, grandparents and families – I say “Kol HaKavod” for raising these beautiful humans who care for more than just themselves.  They bring their kindness and caring with them to camp and make Capital Camps a better place.


Laurie Mackey
Program Director