Daily Newsletter – July 9, 2019

Good morning from Capital Camps!

When Kaufmann Village set out for our two-day trip to Ohiopyle, PA, I was clear with our campers and staff when each of us might be uncomfortable or need help.  I made sure everyone understood that it was our job, as a community, to support each other through those moments.  We all had a blast whitewater rafting, zip-lining, mountain biking, and so much more.  However, my most memorable moments were observing our campers lift each other up in times need. 

While on our rafting excursion, we reached a point along our journey where the water was deep enough to climb up a “cliff” and then jump back into the water. While the cliff was only about 15 feet high, for some that height was frightening.  Our entire village remained at that rock until everyone who wanted to jump had jumped, clapping and cheering for each person when it was his/her turn. 

When we arrived at our campsite, a light drizzle had begun.  Without hesitation, nearly all of our campers grabbed tents and got right to work in order to set everything up before heavier rain found us.  Campers who had more experience in the woods were hustling around to different groups, ensuring that everything was set up correctly, so that their friends could sleep comfortably.  Once in their tents, campers were loaning each other extra towels and raincoats to make sure everyone had what they needed. 

The next morning, I watched the campers set up an assembly line to make sure every person’s sleeping bag and backpack made it into the luggage truck.  For a group that hadn’t slept too much, their teamwork was very impressive. 

Of course, we all had fun hitting Class III rapids, riding through mud on mountain bikes, and exploring the natural scenery around us.  However, the most impressive part of our experience together was the way our campers bonded and helped each other make the most of any situation.  I am really looking forward to the next few weeks, as our community grows even stronger. 

Have a great day!


Alex Rubin
Kaufmann Village Leader