Daily Newsletter – July 23, 2019

Good morning from Capital Camps!

Yesterday was an amazing first day of 2nd session! 

We welcomed first-time campers, as well as campers who have returned to camp summer after summer.  Regardless of whether they arrived at Camp yesterday for the first time or the 10th, campers stepped off the buses with anticipation and wonder – excited to make new friends, to try new things and to create lasting memories.  We know that our 2nd session campers have the extra anticipation of adding four weeks to the countdown on the camp website, and an extra month after school to get excited for camp – and excited they were!

As I walked around camp yesterday, I had the opportunity to observe a cabin of our youngest Benjamin Village campers, chatting about their excitement for the summer.  They shared that they were looking forward to everything from pizza bagels to basketball to the mud obstacle course. 

I loved watching the care and guidance from their counselors, as well as their CITs (Counselors-in-Training). One of the many special elements of 2nd session is that in addition to their counselors, cabin groups have CITs, who join the team to refine the skills they learned during 1st session, and learn from our older counselors.

I also joined Adam “Sprinkles” Broms, our Camp Director, as he spoke with Reich Village campers, asking them to share some things they felt would help make the summer great.  The responses were spot on.  “Be respectful.” “Include everyone.” “Don’t exclude people because they’re different.” “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” 

As I observed the smiles on the faces of campers reuniting with friends and counselors they’ve waited all year to be with, I was reminded of the amazing gift that is camp.  It’s a place where we hear our campers say that they can be there best selves; where all week they look forward to Shabbat; and where being unique or different are compliments. 

During staff week in mid-June, we spent some time discussing “the why of camp,” and we shared our mission statement with our staff members: “At Capital Camps, we inspire our campers and staff to grow as individuals and to build Jewish communities through meaningful challenges and shared experiences.” Given our great day yesterday – a day full of electric energy felt throughout camp – I have no doubt that we will do great things together this session.


Sandra Marks
Associate Camp Director