Daily Newsletter – July 2, 2019

Challenge by Choice…

…but Participation is Mandatory.


Good morning Friends of Capital Camps!

With a new summer season of ropes course activities at Capital Camps officially underway, we are settling in to our comfort zone at the course and enjoying the groups working their way through our numerous obstacles/challenges.  Along the way, campers are learning new skills, new things about themselves, and new things about their cabinmates.

Our philosophy of “Challenge by Choice” was established as part of industry standards many years ago, and each summer, we elevate (pun intended) just a little more!  The experiential nature of our course, along with our well-trained facilitators, provide numerous opportunities for our campers to explore their full potential and discover their limits.  Then, we encourage campers to push their limits through “Challenge by Choice” – recently modified to “Challenge by Choice, but Participation is Mandatory.”  Here, campers are encouraged to choose their own challenges – whatever they may be – but they must choose something.

A camper’s challenge might be anything from putting on a harness and helmet with the other campers or simply encouraging others to do well on the ropes course.  Through “Challenge by Choice, but Participation is Mandatory,” the campers who choose to not be challenged are usually more likely to try to do more, than if we allow them to not participate at all.  This approach has led to many campers trying new things and successfully completing challenges of which they would have otherwise opted out.

So far, four Kaufmann Village cabins and the CITs have enjoyed our new static high ropes course.  In its second year at camp, the static tower has been enjoyed by all thus far, and the rest of our cabins are eagerly awaiting their chance to both head up the static tower, in addition to complete our many other challenges as well.

Climb on!


Geora Zadok
Adventure Coordinator