Daily Newsletter – It Takes a Village

Good morning Friends of Capital Camps,

You may have heard or even used the term “It Takes a Village,” referring to any number of events or milestones in our lives. Indeed, we should often reflect upon and celebrate the many people who make our most meaningful moments possible.

It is weeks like this one at camp that have made me particularly grateful for the stellar team with whom I work each day. Before I share about them, let me give you a quick recap of the sheer scope of what we accomplished this week:

Sunday: SING – a camp-wide event, where each village celebrates its experience at camp. Every village was phenomenal with Reich Village ultimately named as the winner.

We were meant to start Maccabiah Sunday evening, but the weather slated for Monday had us reconsider. At a moment’s notice, the CITs modified their plans and created a “fake break,” and implemented their real plan for the Maccabiah break on Monday afternoon.

Monday: A rainy day indeed. After rescheduling Maccabiah, our program and logistics team sprang into action to create an alternate schedule for the day. Then, midway through the afternoon, the CITs returned to break Maccabiah for real, and it was off to the races!

Tuesday: Maccabiah continued with beautiful weather, culminating in our annual relay race and rope burn.

Wednesday: We welcomed guests from four congregations, as well as the ASSOCIATED in Baltimore, for lunch, all the while finishing up Maccabiah and getting excited for the CIT graduation.

Thursday: Our last day of “normal” programming. Aquatics, sports, arts, and ropes were all in action, as campers savored their final moments in those activities. Meanwhile, our 9th graders prepared for our final banquet last night.

Today: The campers will complete end-of-session evaluations of their time with us, check out at the health center, begin packing, and then settle in for our final Shabbat together.

It takes tremendous teamwork and a talented group of staff to pull off a week like this one – or really any week at camp. Even during a “normal” week, we must synchronize our movements, coordinate among departments, ensure that schedules are distributed and staff are informed. When things change at a moment’s notice, it is our preparation that keeps us ready to provide an incredible experience.

And so, I return to, “It Takes a Village.” On Sunday, I’ll share some closing thoughts on the summer. For now, I’d like to recognize our incredible team that includes our facility/housekeeping crew, which is constantly changing out trash, cutting grass on our fields, filling our water coolers around camp, and so much more. It includes our dining hall team, which changed the menu three times to accommodate our programmatic desires. It includes our programming and logistics team, led by Laurie Mackey, Program Director, who went through six (probably more) iterations of the week’s schedule. It includes our entire Leadership Team, which provides context and support for all of our staff.

And finally, it includes the most important people of all – the counselors who work day-in and day-out with our campers. These fine young adults provide the energy, the warmth, the compassion, the kindness, the nurturing, and the fun, which bring our efforts to life. Our counselors are the true heroes, and we salute them for all they’ve done to make this summer a success.

It Takes a Village. And this is a very special village, indeed.

Shabbat Shalom.

Adam Broms
Camp Director