Calendar Letter 2019

I still remember my first climb on our new static tower this past summer. It took most of the summer for me to summon the courage to try it. Even then, I needed the careful prodding and support from our outdoor adventure team to help overcome my fear of heights. Once I made it through the first obstacle, things began moving quickly. Each subsequent segment seemed to get easier and easier. Until finally, I took the “leap of faith” – the final challenge where one, quite literally, leaps off the platform to swat at the hanging ball mid-air. What an adventure! The ropes team slowly lowered me to the ground and I breathed a sigh of relief and of joy. It was only then that I thought to myself, “At camp, there is limitless adventure.”

Throughout 2018, we celebrated Capital Camps’ 30th anniversary year. With a variety of events, honorees, and reflections, we collectively looked back at the successes from our first 30 years, while also looking ahead to the next 30 as well. As one component of our visioning, we set out to define the essence of camp, an idea that can delight the imagination both of those who are already in our community and those who haven’t yet met us.

As we discussed and debated, we found many themes that truly define who we are and who we want to be. We discussed words like friendship, community, fun, adventure, memories, opportunity, growth, and so many more. With each word, we found limitless reasons why that specific word captured so much of what we hold dear at Capital Camps.

And then we realized those limitless reasons were what we sought after. At Capital Camps, we want our campers, our staff members, our alumni, and yes, even our parents, to Be Limitless. We hope that all members of our community will leverage the camp experience, as they discover their “true selves” through limitless possibilities.

And so, as we enter 2019, I invite you to dive into the coming year with energy and zest. What will you do to look forward? What will you do that’s different, that’s better? What will you do with friendship and community? What will you do to challenge yourself and those around you? What will you do to build a better you? What will you do to Be Limitless?

Happy New Year.


Adam Broms
Camp Director