Committee Interest Form

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We recommend that individuals participate in 1-2 committees during any given year. In order to ensure that our committees are well-balanced, please indicate your interest by selecting up to 3 committees in which you have interest.

Alumni Committee The Alumni Committee plans year-round, alumni outreach and events in order to increase the agency’s alumni involvement, participation and philanthropic efforts. Committee members assist in identifying and engaging alumni through events, newsletters and agency updates. Members are also engaged in the preservation of archival camp materials and photos. Staff Liaison: Development Associate

Camp Committee The Camp Committee provides oversight for the agency’s camp program. Committee members review marketing materials, camper recruitment initiatives, program modifications, camper and staff retention efforts, camper and staff policies, staff training materials, and trends in the camping industry. Staff Liaison: Associate Camp Director

Development Committee The Development Committee creates a comprehensive, annual fundraising plan for financial aid, program and operational needs. Committee members are actively involved with one or more aspects of the fundraising process (donor prospecting, stewardship, cultivation, solicitation, recognition, etc.). Staff Liaison: Chief Development Officer

Finance Committee The Finance Committee reviews and evaluates the agency’s short-term and long-term financial stability, making recommendations to the board on a regular basis. Committee members ensure that complete and accurate financial records are maintained, proper risk-management provisions are in place, and financial statements and budget-related documents are prepared and presented to board members in a timely manner. Staff Liaison: Director of Finance & Administration

Governance Committee The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and viability of the board of directors. Committee members focus their work on five major areas: board roles and responsibilities, board composition, board knowledge, board effectiveness, and board leadership. Committee members screen and nominate candidates for board membership and leadership, oversee board and board member development to meet strategic goals and needs, oversee and ensure a relevant board and committee structure, and oversee systems for the board to assess both board and board member performance. Staff Liaison: Chief Executive Officer

Medical Committee The Medical Committee recruits summer medical staff, reviews camp’s medical procedures and protocols, and ensures that the medical program operates with the highest standards in medical practice. Staff Liaison: Associate Camp Director

Property Committee The Property Committee oversees the agency’s buildings, grounds and equipment, ensuring that all assets are in good working condition and that a facility plan is in place to assess, evaluate and maintain everything on site. Staff Liaisons: Chief Operations Director

Retreat Committee The Retreat Committee strategizes ways to increase outreach efforts of the Retreat program, including year-round trainings and team building programs for corporate, non-profit, and school programs, and use of the Conference Center. Committee members review marketing materials, program development, staffing, fee structures, and policies, monitoring trends in the hospitality and retreat industries to ensure that the agency is operating a high-quality retreat business. Staff Liaison: Chief Operating Officer

Scholarship Committee The Scholarship Committee reviews confidential scholarship applications and allocates financial aid awards within the parameters of the agency’s scholarship budget. Staff Liaison: Director of Finance & Administration

If you have any questions regarding our committee structure/process, please feel free to contact our Board Chair, Miriam Smolen ( or 571 275-8601) or Jonah Geller, CEO ( or 240-283-6161).