Summer 2022 COVID-19 Protocols & Policies

At Capital Camps & Retreat Center, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, healthy, and fun environment for our campers and staff. We want to make you aware of the following policies and procedures as they relate to COVID. By and large, we will be providing a typical Capital Camps summer. Our choices for summer 2022 will balance risk and reward. We will change and update policies as needed if conditions change. We want our campers and staff to experience all the incredible things camp has to offer. 

We will emphasize the camp program on-site and there will be minimal programming off-site. For example, the majority of our campers will experience their village campouts by the lake, similar to last year.  

We have a team of trained professionals to support your camper; our counselors, village leaders, Yoezot (camper care specialist), nurse, doctors, and our year-round staff are all here to help. Please encourage your camper to reach out if they need any help or additional support. While we will be proactively keeping an eye on your camper’s physical and social-emotional health, camp is a great place to work on strengthening self-advocacy skills. 

1. Pre-Camp Testing Procedures

We look forward to safely welcoming our campers and have put in place protocols to help keep COVID out of our community. We are asking all campers and staff to provide evidence of two negative COVID tests prior to entering our campus.

If your camper has NOT had COVID within 90 days of coming to camp, they need to take two COVID tests (a PCR and a Rapid Antigen Test):

Test 1 – All campers and staff are required to take a PCR Test no more than 48 hours prior to their arrival at camp. After the PCR test, we ask that all campers and families choose safe activities and avoid indoor gatherings in order to ensure the accuracy of the test. This is an important step to keep our camp community safe. Submit documentation Here. Please see the testing schedule below. 

*Due to Shabbat, if a camp family needs to advance their testing to take place on Friday, this is permissible.                                                                                                     

+Different testing timeline due to the July 4th holiday

Test 2 – All campers & staff need to show a negative result on a Rapid Antigen test on the morning of arrival. A cell phone photo of this test to show upon entry will serve as proof. If multiple children from your household are coming to camp, please label the tests for clarity.

If your camper has had COVID within 90 days of arriving at camp, you need to provide documentation and take two Rapid Antigen COVID tests. We know that COVID has affected many of our camp families during the spring and therefore we are asking that you report positive COVID cases that occurred within 90 days of the start of your camper’s session (March 27th for 1st Session and April 25th for 2nd Session).

Documentation of COVID within 90 days of arriving to camp – Parents should notify camp by providing documentation in lieu of the 48-hour PCR test. This documentation can be in the form of the following: a positive PCR test, a note from the camper’s doctor, a note from the camper’s school, a time-stamped photo of a rapid antigen test, or a “proctored” antigen test. Submit documentation Here

Test 1 – COVID positive campers within 90 days of camp still need to take a Rapid Antigen test 48 hours prior to camp. Please submit Here. Please see the testing schedule below.

*Due to Shabbat, if a camp family needs to advance their testing to take place on Friday, this is permissible.                                                                                              

+Different testing timeline due to the July 4th holiday

Test 2 – All campers & staff, regardless of recent COVID results, need to test negative on a Rapid Antigen test on the morning of arrival. A cell phone photo of this test result to show upon entry will serve as proof. If multiple children from your household are coming to camp, please label the tests for clarity.

2. COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Vaccination                                                                                                              

  All campers & staff need to be up-to-date with their COVID-19 Vaccinations. Up-to-date means having completed the primary series and when eligible, the booster. Vaccinations need to be listed on each individual’s Health History, Physician’s exam and the vaccination card needs to be uploaded to your CampInTouch dashboard.

Pre-Camp PCR Testing   

Please follow the instructions above regarding pre-camp testing and documentation. Note that if you do not submit the proper documentation according to our testing timeline, your camper will not be allowed on campus.


All campers & staff still need to pack masks for this summer. Due to our vaccination policies, we anticipate that our campers will not be required to wear masks at camp. We will be following localized COVID numbers and working with our Health Care Team & Medical Committee to determine when, and if, masking may be needed at any point. Masking is always an option for those who prefer to do so. Please ensure that all masks are well-fitted.

3. FAQ

What happens if my camper tests positive on the 48-hour PCR or Arrival Day Rapid?

After testing positive on the 48-hour or Arrival Day COVID test, all campers and staff must remain home for 5 days. On day 6, they may join the CCRC camp community. To rejoin on day 6, campers and counselors must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication and symptoms must be improving.

If your camper was very sick from COVID or has a weakened immune system, they should isolate for at least 10 days. Families can take an additional, earlier PCR test in order to determine if their camper already has COVID, therefore starting the 5-day clock before the 48-hour test. This pre-test does not take the place of the 48-hour test required of all campers. All negative campers and staff must still perform the 48-hour test, regardless of earlier tests.

For example, families can test on Sunday, June 19th, receive a positive result, and start the 5-day clock before camp begins. They can then join camp on the scheduled June 27th arrival day as long as the camper is fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications and their symptoms are improving. .

Is camp testing campers and staff onsite during the session?

CCRC will monitor campers and staff for symptoms. All campers and staff with a series of symptoms and/or fever will receive a test by our Mirpa’ah Staff (Health Center). Due to the flow of campers and staff, in and out of camp for various reasons throughout the summer, CCRC will not perform surveillance testing of the full camp community. 

What happens if my camper tests positive?

The health of your camper, their bunkmates, and our camp community is our number one priority. If your camper tests positive, you will receive a call from our Mirpa’ah staff (Health Center), and you are expected to pick up your camper immediately for home isolation. If you are unavailable, the emergency contact will be notified and they are expected to pick up your camper. 

The isolation period at home will be determined by the first day your camper was symptomatic and tested for COVID. The first day of symptoms and/or testing positive, whichever was first, becomes day 0. Your camper is welcome to return on day 6 as long as they are fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication and their symptoms are improving. For some, symptoms may not improve by day 6 and the camper may need to stay home longer before rejoining the community. We are not able to provide refunds or prorated camp fees for campers who need to leave camp due to COVID.

What can my camper expect upon return to camp after isolation?

Your camper’s re-immersion into our camp community will be handled carefully to ensure a successful remainder of the session. Upon arrival on our campus, your camper will be greeted by a member of our team and will spend time with one of our Yoetzot, Camper Camp Specialists. 

Once your camper is ready, they may join their bunk in their daily activities but will not eat with or sleep in the cabin until the end of the 10-day isolation period. Camp will ensure that proper and appropriate meals and sleeping arrangements are in place. Additionally, your camper will be required to wear a mask for all activities, other than eating and sleeping, while on campus for the remainder of the 10-day period.  

If a camper in my child’s bunk tests positive, what can I expect from CCRC?

When a bunkmate tests positive, all campers and counselors within the bunk will be tested for COVID on day 0 and day 5. Additionally, staff will consistently monitor for symptoms and additional tests will be administered, as necessary. Camp will reach out to bunkmate families via email, to inform the parents of a positive case, and remind parents of the follow-up testing plan. Parents of healthy campers do not need to take any action, but of course, can pick up the camper if so inclined. 

What else can we expect from camp this summer?

We are thrilled to return to operating as one community, which will include a communal Shabbat, one meal service, joint cabin/village programming, and more!

What pre-camp COVID testing is necessary for my full summer camper(s), LITs returning to camp second session, and/or CITs?

Campers returning to CCRC for a second session will be required to provide arrival day negative antigen test results. They do not need to submit a second PCR test. 

Thank you in advance for your partnership in another successful summer experience for your camper. 

If you have any questions about the above policies, please email